SwipeSpeare contains multiple features to help teach and understand Shakespeare’s works.  The SwipeSpeare’s resources include a biography of Shakespeare, copies of Shakespeare’s plays and poems, modern translations of Shakepeare’s plays, lesson plans to support the teaching of Shakespeare, and study guides for 17 plays.  Additionally, a comprehensive dictionary and a note taking feature are included. READ MORE
I am a huge Shakespeare fan and even I must admit that sometimes there are words in plays with which I am unfamiliar. I am looking forward to buying all my favorites to read in this app. I can see how it would be very popular with English majors as well as high school students and their teachers. READ MORE
As someone who once was an English major--you know, one of those degrees that leaves you unemployed at graduation--I had a penchant for collecting two essential tomes--the Bible and Shakespeare's Collected Work. I finally talked my wife into buying me all of Shakespeare's works in printed format, the small print of the little black books his work came printed on gilded pages. READ MORE
It's nice that the Shakespeare app gives you a synopsis of each scene, but wouldn't it be nicer if you could swipe your finger across a Shakespearean passage and have it instantly translated into modern English? That's the concept behind SwipeSpeare. READ MORE
SwipeSpeare offers the complete Romeo and Juliet play in a swipe-able fashion of the old and new English text for better understanding of the literature. Each individual dialogue can be swiped back and forth. There is a wealth of Shakespearean content including his complete biography, his comedies, history plays, tragedy plays, sonnets plus bonus study guides and lesson plans.  READ MORE
Having a difficult time understanding and reading Shakespeare plays? Want to really know what is taking place and what those characters are really saying?  Then the SwipeSpeare app from developer BookCaps is just the perfect app for you! READ MORE
If you are looking for an app that offers in-depth textual analysis of Shakespeare’s plays, this ain’t it. SwipeSpeare is designed for students who want to take shortcuts, not for fans of Shakespeare looking for historical context or criticism. READ MORE
The app’s landing page is fairly simple. At first I was a little sceptical, due to the plain layout, but my scepticism was soon quelled when I opened up the first tab in the educational version of the app, ‘ Shakespeare Biography’. Under this heading there is a wealth of information, not only about Shakespeare, but about the political events at the time. READ MORE
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