Lesson Plans: A Midsummer's Nights Dream
Dive deep into the enchanting world of Shakespeare's beloved comedy, "A Midsummer's Night Dream," armed with a lesson plan meticulously crafted to meet Common Core Standards. Whether you're introducing your students to the whimsical forest of Athens or revisiting its fairy-touched tales, this BookCaps lesson plan is the key to an engaging and interactive teaching experience.

Designed to span five days, the plan offers a balanced blend of reading, discussion, and activity. Its structured reading schedule ensures a steady pace, while diverse discussion questions kindle curiosity and critical thinking. From essay prompts that delve into the play's themes to stimulating homework assignments and enriching web resources, every aspect is thoughtfully curated to make the teaching process as seamless as it is enriching.

Teachers, if you've ever grappled with making Shakespeare resonate with the 21st-century student or sought fresh strategies to invigorate classroom discussions, this lesson plan is your answer. Ignite a passion for classic literature in your students and watch as the magic of "A Midsummer's Night Dream" unfolds in your classroom. BookCaps has done the groundwork; all you need is the spark of enthusiasm.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is different from anything else Shakespeare ever wrote.  He pulls from his education (Greek Mythology) and his wild imagination to create this one of a kind play.  He even pulls from old English lore, utilizing characters from all areas, even using characters from other plays being put on during the same time period.  This is a comedy of errors, a story of love, and a story of constant mishaps and misunderstandings, and the struggles of trying to “fix:” what you broke by mistake.  It was made into a movie in 1999, with a cast including Kevin Kline and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Throughout these lessons, students will learn the various lessons Shakespeare attempted to portray in his story of finding and keeping love.

Lesson Plan Format

Shakespeare as a man, poet, and writer is significant.  He was highly influenced by what was happening around him in Elizabethan England.  During each session, students will read portions of the play, look at historical context for what was written, delve into the various controversies that surround William Shakespeare, and how these relate to his writings and the world today.
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