Lesson Plans: As You Like It (Digital Download)
Exploring the whimsical Forest of Arden, Shakespeare's "As You Like It" offers a delightful blend of romance, comedy, and philosophical musings. Teachers striving to bring this classic to life, look no further! This BookCaps lesson plan, aligned with Common Core Standards, provides a tailored roadmap to make this tale of love and disguise resonate with contemporary students.

Spanning a comprehensive five days, this lesson plan facilitates a structured immersion into the world of Rosalind, Orlando, and the colorful cast of characters. With a methodically curated reading schedule, students will pace their journey through the play, ensuring thorough comprehension and engagement. The discussion questions are designed to evoke deep thought, probing into the intricate layers of the play's themes and dynamics. To hone students' analytical skills, thought-provoking essay topics have been incorporated. Additionally, homework assignments act as tools to fortify their understanding, and the inclusion of suggested web resources effortlessly blends traditional learning with today's tech-savvy environment.

For educators aspiring to rejuvenate their teaching methods and captivate their students, this lesson plan is the beacon. Traverse Shakespeare's captivating forest realm with BookCaps as your guide and unlock the wonders of "As You Like It" in your classroom. Embark on this enlightening journey and watch your students' enthusiasm for Shakespeare blossom.

Lesson Plan Format  

This lesson plan is designed to facilitate the study of William Shakespeare’s play As You Like It for high school students (grades 9-12).  The lesson plan is flexible and open and is designed to easily accommodate adjustments teachers might make in order to suit the particular grade and group of students they are teaching. 

This lesson plan is designed to be carried out over 5 days/class sessions.  Each day will cover one of the following topical areas: biography/historical context; narrative/structure/POV; characters and character development; theme/symbols/figurative language; and the question of what makes As You Like It a terrific book. 

Each day’s plan will offer several suggested discussion/writing journal response questions and ideas for homework assignments, as well as reading requirements and book/online resources. 
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